Finance dissertation topics to compose a winning paper.

If you are looking to compose a winning paper in your financial field, there are many possible dissertation topics that are well suited. Choosing your winning dissertation topic can feel like one of the biggest pressures you face in school, no matter the degree you are trying to ascertain.

When you choose a topic make sure:

In terms of actual topics, consider things in the following categories:

  1. Microfinance

    This category will often turn heads. And not just the heads of department staff, but of international development companies as they have recently had an uptick in their microfinance interest. Consider these topic examples:

    • Constraints to the development of a complete microfinance market
    • Awareness of microfinance in third world countries and the impact it has
    • The demand for collective investments in a particular country
    • Micro-finance in the banking industries
    • Financial innovation in Asia and Europe: a comparative analysis

  2. Banking, both retail and commercial

    Retail and commercial banks remain one of the most important intermediaries in the industry, playing a crucial role in urban populations by giving much-needed financial services to the mass population. Some topics to consider include:

    • An analysis of the forces for change inside of retail banking
    • Recent developments in the framework of asset-liability management
    • Theoretical and practical aspects of asset liability management in the commercial banking sector
    • Relationship between equity prices and performances for the banking industry
    • How retail and commercial banks boost agricultural productivity with credit flow

  3. Financing within Emerging Markets

    Financing within emerging markets, like India or Brazil, has become more and more significant. With major organizations fighting to get a foothold in developing countries, you have a variety of topics from which to choose. Consider the following topics:

    • What are the costs of emerging markets?
    • What are investor attitudes toward investing in an emerging market?
    • What is the financial stability in emerging countries?
    • The evolution and current implementation of investment banking in an emerging country (pick one)
    • The efficiency of the market in an emerging country (pick one)

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