Directions For Creating A High-Quality Master's Dissertation In Marketing

A Master’s dissertation is a paper one should write upon completion of the corresponding Master program. It usually contains some own research either theoretical or practical (or both) and suggestions on their practical implementation. Marketing is not an exception. Writing such a paper can be a challenge for a student, so here are some tips to help you through.

  1. Write fresh.
  2. Try to choose a topic that is terra incognita. You can find such a topic by doing your own research and finding out the gaps in the knowledge. Maybe some questions were not fully answered, or some data is contradictory. Try to find something fresh and brand new. For instance – research a successful company’s winning advertisement campaign. Support your work with facts and findings.

  3. Write interesting.
  4. Choose a topic that you like personally. A work that you are pleased to do can be done much easier. Also, it takes less effort to get someone interested if you are passionate about your work.

  5. Begin from the end.
  6. You really don’t have to write your paper from the beginning. You can always write your introduction afterwards. Start with the body, describe your research, and then make a conclusion to summarize your experience. When this is done, write an introduction.

  7. Use your time efficiently.
  8. Sometimes you really don’t have a mood for writing. There are days, when nothing comes to mind, no matter how hard you try. Use those days to do some straightforward work like completing the bibliography and proofreading.

  9. Break down the tasks.
  10. Try to break down your main task into several smaller ones. It can help you motivate yourself.

  11. Use all the help you can get.
  12. Ask your colleagues and your supervisor. Search the Internet, books, and magazines. Each source can provide you with useful data.

  13. Leave enough time in the end.
  14. Try to complete your work before the deadline, and use the remaining time for a final revision. It must be done in order to find mistakes or typos you probably missed.

  15. A good presentation is 50% of success.
  16. People love something, if it is good looking. A decent presentation makes your reader interested, and consequently your work successful. Don’t underestimate the power of an image, and spend enough time preparing your research for presentation. Remember, that pure scientific material can make your audience sleep. Try to lay out your work in a way that keeps your reader’s attention.

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