Looking for great examples of dissertation proposals

Dissertation proposals are not to be taken lightly. Seeking advice and guidance is a very smart decision and will almost certainly save you time and heartache in the future.

A great dissertation (or example of one) will offer insight into the right way to construct your dissertation proposal and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that many others have encountered in the past.

Where to start

Resources within your department are your first choice. Your department library is also equipped to offer information that may be difficult to find outside of your concentration, as well as intangibles like the experiences of faculty who have mentored other candidates on top of having been in the same situation themselves at some point earlier in life. This sort of anecdotal advice is precious.

The human touch

Don’t just look for great examples of dissertation proposals, look for the people behind them If you have surrounded yourself with a capable support group, feed off of the motivation and other characteristics that have seen others before you successfully through to the next level. Observe the habits of your mentors and committee members. Allow yourself to learn from the examples they set and the habits they possess that have put them in the position you hope to be in down the road. What qualities do they have that you admire? Your observational skills work beyond the lab and classroom. Take the time to learn from those around you and embrace the wisdom they can impart.

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