Choosing business dissertation topics: great instructions

Writing a dissertation can be a real challenge, no matter the subject. When it comes to selecting a business dissertation, you're going to have a lot of choices. Choosing the right dissertation is essential to writing a good paper. The stronger your dissertation topic, the better your paper will be.

When it comes to selecting business dissertations, it's best to pick a timely subject that is relevant to business conditions today. This doesn't mean you can't look into the past, but if you do pick a subject from the past it should still be relevant to conditions today. Writing a dissertation on 18th century farming techniques, for example, might not be the best subject, unless you have a really interesting angle.

Writing about Henry Ford's decision to pay his workers high wages, and relating that to current efforts by Starbucks and other companies to provide benefits to workers, however, could be very timely. Learning from the past can be great, but you should work to apply what you learn to current conditions and situations.

When you are picking a dissertation, you should try to think of a thesis. Your thesis statement will be a short statement on what you plan to argue. Thesis statements are usually only one sentence, though the sentence itself is often quite long. Your thesis statement will advance a controversial opinion, and will provide a basic preview of what your paper will be about and what it will argue.

For example, a thesis statement could be something like “General Motors was driven into bankruptcy because the company focused on manufacturing trucks to short-term profits while ignoring the long-term increase in gasoline prices and consumer preferences.” This statement offers a subject, namely GM's bankruptcy, and also a position on why GM went bankrupt. In addition, the thesis beginning to flesh out the argument by pointing to rising gasoline prices and shifting consumer preferences.

When choosing a dissertation topic, it's smart to pick a topic you're interested in or an industry you'd like to work in after you graduate. For example, if you're interested in working in Corporate Social Responsibility, you should pick a dissertation topic that is related to corporate social responsibility. Perhaps you can explore the benefits of adopting sustainable energy or philanthropic giving.

No matter what topic you choose, there'll be a lot of options. Make sure you chose a topic that you can find information and data on, and make sure you chose something thought provoking!

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