A List Of Impressive Dissertation Topics To Consider

If you are considering a doctoral program, coming up with a dissertation topic may be one of the biggest roadblocks for you. It is important to keep in mind that your topic will ultimately be influenced by outside factors such as what kind of research and which topics the program you are admitted to specializes in, what funding is available and for what topics, what datasets are available, and what resources are available to you for collecting your own data. However, when you are approaching doctoral programs, before any of these factors are decided, you’ll need to have a vague idea for a research topic to even get in the door. Use this list of impressive dissertation topics as a starting point:

  1. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: How did the United States’ involvement in the ousting of Sadam Hussein contribute to the rise of ISIS in Iraq?
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL: How can the North East Carbon Trading system be used as a model for other regional carbon cap and trade schemes in the United States, and what must change in interstate politics in order for them to be feasible?
  3. COMPUTER SCIENCE: Use of computer modeling in predicting coastal erosion and accretion patters
  4. GENETICS: What technological innovations are necessary for genome sequencing to become accessible to the average American?
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL: What percentage of municipal curbside recycling programs in the United States are financially independent and sustainable? For those that aren’t, what are the major limiting factors?
  6. LAW: What legal precedence exists for net neutrality? What are the relevant cases that will contribute to a possible Supreme Court decision?
  7. ENGINEERING: How can the design mechanisms of large scale wind turbines be modified for smaller scale, single home models?
  8. AGRICULTURE: Which forms of soil amendments have the largest contribution to buildup of heavy metals in soils?
  9. MARKETING: How is globalization of media markets affecting issues of marketing ethics? In which industries is it causing the most change?
  10. ADVERTISING: What are the major guiding principals for image selection in advertising, and how to they vary across international markets?
  11. BIOLOGY: How are sustainable forestry certification schemes contributing to forest species proportions and forest community profiles?
  12. MARINE BIOLOGY: How are rising ocean temperatures affecting competition between different coral reef species?
  13. LITERATURE: How has the social theme of illiteracy been dealt with the contemporary literature?

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