The 10 Best Ideas For Your Dissertation In History

History is more than a subject you learn in a classroom. It’s a concept that deals with every facet of life on the planet. Individuals, groups and regions have their own stories and you as a budding historian can take up the challenge to tell them.

If you’ve thought of the subject as boring until now, perhaps that perception owes more to how it was presented to you than the way it really is. In putting together your dissertation, keep the following facts in mind when you look for a topic:

There’s more than one side to every story

The version of an account that you read from centuries past may tell you more about the people that wrote it than the people it was written on. It helps to collect multiple accounts so that you can have a more complete picture of what you’re trying to describe. Knowing the full story helps you pick better topics.

Originality is a virtue

It’s not a bad idea to do something out of the ordinary when you’re writing a paper. Think up topics that propose radical concepts that haven’t been explored in the field before.

Sometimes the best account you have is still not good enough

Methods of telling history vary from region to region and there are times when rather than getting a good picture from several sources, you get several differently biased versions of the same event.

Based on those tips, topics like these can emerge:

  1. The rise of Switzerland as a bastion of European Neutrality
  2. The New Ottoman Empire: How modern conflicts could lead to the formation of a new caliphate
  3. Trans Atlantic chattel slavery and its effects on the Scottish economy
  4. The effects of the Great Depression on the American Birth Rate
  5. World War two and the rise of the modern global village
  6. Pestilence: How the Black Death altered the course of European History
  7. The Truth About Sparta: The Propaganda campaign that historically besmirched the Persian Empire
  8. The European Renaissance
  9. Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolution’s effect on religious tolerance
  10. The Real Pirates of the Caribbean and other Regions

With careful analysis you will decide which idea is best for you. Get help from your colleagues if you aren’t sure how best to proceed on your own.

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