List Of Unique Dissertation Titles For Human Resource Management Students

HRM dissertation topics are essential for students to understand and grasp the various roles and operational difficulties of the people function. You being a beginner has to often come up with unique of human resource dissertation topics for projects, evaluation tests and other assessments. Getting unique dissertation titles for human resource management students is not difficult if you follow certain guidelines, some of these are mentioned below. These high demand titles are being followed every year by millions of researches like us.

Here are a couple of topics that all of us can choose from to place their dissertation upon.

  1. Criminal past conflicting employment possibilities
  2. Every saint has a past and every sinner a future. But are all employers ready to give past sinners a chance to make their life better with employment opportunities? With heightened pre-employment security checks, it is becoming increasingly difficult and often impossible for ex-convicts to become potential candidates for employment. Whether their past can be considered as a hindrance to successful employment is a worthy topic for HRM dissertation.

  3. An analysis of benefits that can accrue from non-monetary employee rewarding system
  4. Reward management is an essential function within the larger scope of HRM. Rewards are essential in boosting employee morale and in up keeping their determination to deliver value to the organization. However, in these times of change, are monetary rewards sufficient enough to satiate the expectations of employees? Is it possible or necessary to replace monetary benefits and rewards with sufficient non-monetary rewards that the employees will appreciate in a better manner?

  5. Barriers to employee development and appraisal
  6. Given the rock solid fact that employees are important assets of any organization, it is important to ensure their continual development to improve efficiency. However, there exists a contradictory condition where it is possible for the employees to be lured by better opportunism that the continual development offered by the employer may equip them with. This is a strong topic of dissertation for HRM students who can suggest a fine balance of boosting employee talents all the while when retaining talent within the organization.

  7. The role of employee unions in facilitating HRM function
  8. Although, the role of a unified body of employees leads to better execution of organizational policies, sometimes the plan can backfire as it empowers employees with greater bargaining power. The place of an employee union should be affixed in a harmonious way that it does not hamper the HRM function, instead facilitates it.

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