Twelve Interesting Dissertation Topics In Marketing Communications

Marketing communications refers to different kind of messages delivered in different forms used to inform consumers. Marketing communications covers a wide range of activities including other aspects of marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, sales, sales promotion and everything involved in marketing.

Pursuing marketing or a marketing related course or discipline boils down to becoming a marketing practitioner after. Pursuing a course in the field of marketing no doubt requires that you write a dissertation at the end of your course. Although there are simply many dissertation topics you can write a paper on, there are some topics that turn out to be very interesting on the basis of what such topics require you to address in your dissertation. Below are twelve interesting topics in marketing communications you can choose from:

  1. Technological and Innovative Technical Changes and their Effect to Consumers
  2. Effects of Marketing Tools in Influencing Consumer Behahiour
  3. Public Relations as a Marketing Tool in Hospitality Industry
  4. Effect of Display in Designer Stores on Consumers
  5. Effects of Body language on Consumer Buying Behaviour
  6. Marketing Strategies Applicable in Attracting Young Customers to a New Restaurant
  7. Importance of Branding with special Focus on Fast Moving Products
  8. Effects of Ebola Outbreak on Airline Industry
  9. Effectiveness of e-mail marketing Campaigns
  10. Effectiveness of Customer Loyalty Programs in an Emerging Market
  11. Why Target marketing is Important for Soft Drink Companies
  12. How to Implement International Marketing Strategies

Writing a dissertation on a marketing communications topic can be very involving since it requires a detailed research on the chosen topic so as to be able to present nothing but facts. Writing a dissertation therefore requires careful planning and research long before you embark on writing. You also need to choose a topic that you are able to research on effectively and write on comfortably.

You also need to stick general guidelines that include critical thinking instead of collecting experimental data. It is important to note that even though facts are necessary in your dissertation, critical thinking forms the heart of your paper.

It is very important to point out that you can choose a very interesting marketing communications paper topic, do proper research, have facts, apply critical thinking effectively and write well but fail to come up with a winning paper on the topic. This happens when you fail to stick to guidelines that inform on how to write dissertations.

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