A list of hard but valuable topics for thesis writing

When you are writing a thesis you need a great topic. In addition to that you need a solid thesis statement to get your topic across to the reader.

Write a solid thesis statement.

The thesis statement is the question that you are going to answer in your research paper. Professors might want to see this before you start writing the paper so that they can approve it. Here are some hints:

Take notes.

As you are taking notes, do so on physical index cards. Buy these in different colors so that you can keep your notes categories by main ideas. Color coding your research will make it much simpler to write. As you take notes, include the name of the author, the date, and the page number at the top of each note card. Write down the bibliographic information on a separate list so that you can make citations, references pages, and footnotes faster. As you write down your quotes and statistics be sure you are as accurate as possible. Double check that you did not make any errors when you are done.

*Remember, you need to have good quotes in your paper, but in total the quotes you include should not take up more than 10-15% of your total paper.

Consider the ideas below and see if anything related to the subject stands out. If it does then this might just be the perfect topic for you:

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