How important is your dissertation title?

The title of your paper plays a role that’s as important as any other section. The same way people associate certain characteristics about you when they hear your name, your dissertation will carry an association based on the title it receives.

What makes a good title? Is it the wording; the catchiness; the relevance to the paper? Let’s explore the factors that play a role in the naming of your assignment.

My dissertation is interesting

Of course your title must catch the attention of the prospective reader. Many dissertations are never even read because they contain little to no originality. If your professor has read a dissertation about the life of Martin Luther before, he’s not going to want to read another one that’s entitled, “The life of Martin Luther”

My dissertation makes a contribution

Originality is all about contributing something to your field of study that no one else has done before. Your title should incorporate the fact that your research and/or statement is one that is unique to your own intellectual thought.

This is my opinion – This is my question

Some titles can generate effect by containing a strong question. It makes the reader curious about what the answer is and how you came to that answer. However, dissertations typically won’t have questions in their titles because unlike a research paper, you are making a statement more than exploring a theory.

My dissertation has a purpose

The purpose of every dissertation title should incorporate the following points wherever relevant:

Some examples

Don’t forget the style

Remember to find out what style you are required to use. APA and MLA differ in various points when it comes to the title. Find out what these differences are and get a dissertation example if you can to make sure you get it right.

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