MBA Dissertation Topics to Make You Out of Competition

You need to reveal creativity if you want to come up with an unusual dissertation topic for your Master’s degree in Business. All business dissertation topics are divided into two major fields of research. They are analytical and functional. If you apply analytical approach, you will need to work on theoretical questions and strategies of running a business. Consequently, functional approach supposes functional or practical aspects. Current tendency of many universities is to reject the theses written on the theoretical aspects. It follows that in order to be successful you need to be practical.

What Does Being Practical Mean?

How to Make My Dissertation Relevant?

Relevance of the dissertation topic is another important feature that can put you out of competition. There are two major ways to achieve it:

Besides, there are some popular trends that are currently of particular interest. Usually they relate to education, economic conditions, employee management, small businesses and retirement, different minority groups and teenage behavior. You may consider following examples:

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