How To Write A Strong Phd Paper Methodology Section: Free Dissertation Help

Writing a PhD paper methodology might be one of the trickiest parts to the entire doctorate process. Each university, and even departments, may have their own requirements causing even more confusion to students who are probably already worn out from the several months of research and writing. Here’s some free dissertation help, showing you how to write a strong methodology:

Choose the Correct Method

Not all disciplines will require that you write your methodology in the same way. This means you need to be certain you choose the correct one for your field. Check out a few academic journals in your discipline for some examples and pay attention to the three most commonly used formats out there: literature survey, data collection and sampling, and data analysis.

Explain Your Methods

The first step in any type of methodology for any discipline is simply explaining what your approach is in researching and developing your dissertation. It’s not enough to simply define the format you have chosen but you should clearly state any participating subjects, articles, tests, etc. Again, if you are uncertain how many sentences you should devote to this part, it’s best to review some samples before starting on your own.

Use Descriptive Language

Your work is already going to be very long and very difficult to get through. The last thing you want to do is use convoluted and confusing language to get your point across. Even though your methodology isn’t the largest portion of your dissertation, it should still use clear and simple language that is descriptive and allows your reader to easily understand what you aim to accomplish with your project.

Don’t Include Extras

Be sure not to include any samples of your interviews, questionnaires, test questions, etc. These should all be included in the appendix section of your project. You may cite them briefly and direct readers to the appropriate section, but again, this section shouldn’t be made any longer than it needs to be. As a general rule you shouldn’t plan to write more than a half-page when describing your approach.

Get Your Advisor’s Approval

Lastly, your best advice should come from the person you have been working with the most during your entire process: your PhD advisor. Plan to meet with him once every two weeks and be sure to review any new content you have written. Whenever you become confused ask for some assistance.

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