Composing A Dissertation Proposal In Early Childhood Studies

If you’re required to write a paper on early childhood, you should be happy because all you need to do is to draw inspiration from your own childhood. We all passed through childhood and can at the very least recall a few things that happened to us during that age. All you need to go back on time and think about what happened to you in those years.

We have identified four key areas that you can base your essay around;

  1. The importance of early childhood development
  2. Early childhood development generally refers to the growth of a young one and what they learn during those years. If you decide to write an essay on this topic, you need to think of the emotional and mental developments that children undergo in their first few years. You can discuss why you think kids should stay close to their mothers and why fathers also have a responsibility to close to their children. There are endless things you can talk about.

  3. Elementary school curriculum
  4. There have usually been debates on the need for betterment of elementary educational institutions. Some people believe that since elementary schools form the foundation for our your kids, brothers, and sisters, the government and all those involved should at least put more effort in making these schools more beneficial to the kids who go there. Here, you can take a position on the matter and argue your case using facts and theories.

  5. An analysis of early childhood education
  6. This essay would also talk about early childhood education but the difference is that it is more of an analysis of the entire educational setup. Some of the things you can talk about include whether the educational and physical developments in early childhood are balanced and how that has affected kids. You can also discuss some of the factors that you think are holding elementary schools back and discuss measures that could be taken to reverse the situation.

  7. How social inequalities affect early childhood development
  8. One debate that never seems to end, and which can be expected to drag on for the foreseeable future, is the social inequality. Everywhere, people are concerned that inequality within the society is a major factor that has to be addressed. And, for some, such inequality usually has a significant impact on early childhood development. A lot of information on this topic can be found on the web.

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