Writing A Bio-Mechanics Dissertation: Ideas And Approaches

Bio-mechanics is the investigation of the function and design of biological entities including humans, animals, plants, cellular and micro-cellular systems. It approaches this study from the mechanical perspective, usually with the intent to recreate a functional version of the particular structure using inanimate materials to further explore its functions and purpose. Locomotion is a major part of this study, with many of the properties of living organisms being adopted to improve robotic and nanotechnology research. Here are some ideas and approaches one can use when writing a dissertation on bio-mechanics:

  1. The benefits this study provide to engineering research.
  2. Of the many areas the engineering community researches, heavy work is being done on bio-mechanical principles and theories. Their studies show that there may be some great breakthroughs to be made and implemented in the industrial, medical and technological structures in use today.

  3. How evolution chooses to solve its problems.
  4. The study of this branch of biology can be used to help researchers understand the evolutionary process of various organisms and predict or forecast the direction certain environmental factors affect this process. Some scientists claim that this direction of study can provide methods to curb or cure cancer and other degenerative diseases.

  5. Various designs that serve the same function.
  6. The rules, techniques and tools used to work with or test conventional, often tangible hypotheses are quite different when dealing with microbial structures. If a team does not acknowledge this fact their findings may be erroneous. Having a form of controlled form of biotechnology may aid in the research of inexpensive ways to mold these particles to further study other areas of science.

  7. The prevailing successful designs in nature.
  8. Nature captivates researchers a bit differently to that of the average person in that, the curious mind wraps itself around the mechanics and beauty of life. Some say that they’re compelled to learn more about the processes of the cell and its components in hopes to understand why organisms developed in this manner.

  9. Technologies that were designed based on bio-mechanical research that already exist.
  10. It is fortunate that in today’s world there are many technologies that either run or partially depend on this area of research. Some people gather tax payers money shouldn’t be used to fund these ventures that usually doesn’t provide a large percent of the community with jobs but, indirectly the very economy of nations are being changed by these advancements.

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