Is it Possible To Write a Dissertation in a Month? Maybe With a Little Help

Today, it is now unnecessary spending months at an academic library, running off Xeroxes of sample dissertations, scholarly essays on your dissertation topics, and spending a year writing it. You can get most of your research online today, via your university’s library website, can cut and paste relevant quotes and document them, and can consult professors in your field for their knowledge on your topic—they’ll be flattered, do not worry.

Now, most dissertations are typically 5 chapters, with each chapter 30 to 40 pages in length. Starting early, at least on the research aspect of it early—is crucial.

If you really have run out of time but cannot imagine disappointing yourself by not finishing there are several things you can do:

  1. Ask your dissertation director for more time. Typically, they will give you several quarters more or semesters more if you are willing to pay for the dissertation hours.

  2. Hire Research Assistants and Freelance writers—now research assistants are one thing, but if you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer you must make sure to have written enough pages that they can emulate your style. You do not want to get in trouble after three years of classes and not be awarded your dissertation.

  3. Change your topic to something you are already knowledgeable about. Changing your topic alone will buy you another year or more of time. They have to give you more time if you switch topics. If you’ve carefully selected your committee as the more easygoing members in the department, this should be quite easy.

  4. If this doesn’t work and you’ve formed your committee badly, speak to your dissertation director directly about the problem. Come up with a new topic that you could get really excited about and show him/her your new enthusiasm about your newly discovered topic—when he/she sees this newfound dedication, they will let you either change your topic or change your committee and your topic, and then you’ll have another year.

  5. Dissertations consist of a lot of your thoughts on the topic coupled with lots of quotes of researches woven in gracefully. In the sciences, whole pages can be taken up by tables, polls, experiments, case studies, etc… In English, however, you’re in search of block quotes that you don’t want to mar the beauty of by shortening them. However, you want that rambling that you do gto come very easy. So pick a topic or change your topic to one you can muse about easily, so the only challenging part is weaving in your research—and this is quite easy.

  6. Research more and create that 40 page, impressive works cited that they want. As you scour each article for quotes, make CERTAIN you write down all of the information to cite it NOW. It is impossible to go back and find all those quotes with full citation material and redo the whole thing. Write the Works Cited AS you write and when you’re done—the thing is over.

Writing a dissertation in a month is impossible without help, but with these tricks above you can buy yourself some time. Just do not spend the time procrastinating again.

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