Interesting Psychology Dissertation Ideas For University Students

Psychology is a mysterious science, designed to understand, characterize, and evaluate the properties of human mind. It’s a large area of research that incorporates many different ways and methods.

To become a PhD in psychology one has to write a dissertation, based on his or her own research. The first step to do is to choose the topic for the research. Fortunately, psychology offers a lot of possibilities, so here are some interesting topics for psychology students.

  1. Studies of the psychological patterns of the brain as an aspect of AI creation.
  2. Creating an AI requires both substantial computing resources and sufficient knowledge of brain physiology and psychological patterns. How can we describe emotions and individual psychic perception via computer algorithms?

  3. Freudian psychology and its influence on modern society’s perception of intersexual relationships.
  4. Sigmund Freud’s ideas had a great influence on modern psychology and psychiatry. But how did they affect modern society and its judgment of relationships between genders?

  5. Possibilities of using music for treatment in anxiety disorder patients.
  6. It’s a scientific facts that music can influence our physiology in different ways like lowering our pulse, speeding up GI motility, inducing relaxation etc. But is it possible to use music in patients with anxiety disorders for mood correction purposes?

  7. Value of MRI as a diagnostic tool in psychiatry.
  8. MRI is a powerful tool used in medicine for evaluating the functions and integrity of a brain. Research the possibilities of its application in psychological evaluation of brain activity.

  9. A social model and psychological aspects of a riot.
  10. The need to rebel against oppression and injustice is deeply imbedded in human nature. What are the reasons and likely causes for rebellions? What social and psychological patterns are usually noticed in society and its individuals before riots?

  11. Mass hysteria: cause and effect.
  12. Sometimes society demonstrates a causeless state of mass misjudgment. What are the natural and artificial causes of mass-hysteria? Historical evidence of mass-hysteria caused by extensive propaganda.

  13. Psychological effect of mass-media in XX-XXI cc.
  14. Mass media has become a powerful tool of communication in XX-XXI cc. But it’s also a way to influence the population. How did mass media change our psychology and our perception of the world?

  15. Gender factor in commercial: opposite sex appearance and its effect on one’s critical judgment.
  16. Attraction to the opposite sex is one of humanity’s deepest instincts. How does this psychological fact affect our critical judgement on the product and its advertisement?

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