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Writing a Good Dissertation

Please note that the advice that is offered here is quite general. Therefore it is imperative that you check with your personal requirements and your supervisor to figure out what is required for your particular submission.

A good dissertation is going to contain the following items:

Do not succumb to writing a mediocre paper especially when you can produce a clear and concise one. A mediocre paper will:

How do you write a good dissertation?

The topic

The topic is something that you should start considering early. Consult with our advisor as soon as possible about the scope of your final piece and what topic may be suitable. Remember that you want something specific which focuses on specific aspects of a topic or perhaps something that is working to solve a problem or question pre-existing beliefs. Instead of focusing on a topic as broad as “computers in high school curriculum” you might focus your work down to “a critical analysis on over-reliance on computers in Australian high school curriculum”. The title is something that you will need to refine before you find the perfect version you will use. Feel free to speak with your advisor about this.

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