A List Of Ideas For History Dissertation Topics

As you approach the writing of your history dissertation, you probably have a whole load of worries and concerns about how to get a good grade. You have likely spend many hours throughout your course trying to think of a great topic for your history dissertation yet you are still no closer to settling on one. That's understandable; everybody wants to choose the best topic possible, which is a difficult thing to do. Often times, you'll find yourself going back and forth between topics. With this list, we hope to guide you in your quest for a great topic for your history dissertation.
  1. World War One -
    • World War One, or The Great War, celebrated it's 100th anniversary this year - if you call it "celebrated." This makes it an extremely relevant topic for your dissertation.
    • The first world war was the first time mankind had experienced such horror and bloodshed and has produced thousands of books and movies inspired by the horrific events. This will make researching your paper an extremely easy task.

  2. World War Two -
    • Like World War One, the second world war is another fantastic candidate for your history dissertation. The events of this war hang over society to this day and can't seem to be forgotten.
    • Your research for this topic will be made easier due to the fact that many of those who participated in World War Two are still alive and more than willing to discuss the war and their experiences.

  3. The Black Death -
    • The Black Death has always been a fascinating topic. It has spawned hundreds of books and documentaries and has been used to set the scene in hundreds of medieval films.
    • With the recent breakout of Ebola in the modern world, a topic such as the Bubonic Plague has been given a whole new relevancy.

  4. The Royal Family In The 21st Century -
    • The 21st century has been an odd time for the royal family of Great Britain. We have seen marriages, scandals and births.
    • Thanks to social media, we have been able to witness some of the most important events in the royal family's history, making researching a breeze.

  5. Facebook -
    • Facebook has changed the world forever, a dissertation about the growth of Facebook will allow you to link the past with the world of today.
    • It is safe to assume that this dissertation topic will be unique and original.

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