Writing a Dissertation Proposal: 5 Vital Suggestions

Congratulations you have made it to graduate school and you are preparing to do your dissertation but the first thing you will need to do is to do you proposal for your dissertation. This outlines all of the information you are going to cover in your dissertation and what the topic will be on.  This will show the group of advisors that you are confident in your dissertation and that you are prepared to do the work that is required to write an exceptional dissertation. 

5 Vital Suggestions

There are some simple tips to consider during the writing and researching process for your dissertation proposal that will make the project go smoothly and be less stressful.

I know these are just suggestions but keep in mind that these are some pretty good suggestions on how to write your dissertation proposal.  They will help you from falling behind and keep you from turning in a poorly written or even completely wrong dissertation proposal.  The key is to start early and finish strong with you proposal.   

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