15 Fresh Web Design Dissertation Ideas For University Students

Web design is an area of computer science that attracts many students. With the development of the Internet and appearance of multiple pages dedicated to just anything, web design becomes a specialization that allows creating new worlds. That is why, research projects done in this field are numerous, and if you want to write a dissertation and do your own research, you definitely need a fresh topic idea.

You can use the Internet and search through resources that are dedicated to web design. Look through samples of dissertations that are available online. Maybe, research of another student will inspire you to carry on and expand the subject. You can also turn to your university library and take a look at older projects. It can be interesting to compare the way people saw web design some time ago and the way it is now. Finally, you can turn to your supervisor and ask whether they have interesting samples of research that can be carried on in your project.

Below, you can find several fresh ideas for a university dissertation in web design.

  1. Web design as an instrument of transformation of virtual space in today’s culture.
  2. The phenomenon of virtual space and web design as a changing force in this space.
  3. Web design as imitation of real life in virtual space.
  4. Self-descriptiveness of web design and its source of informational supersaturation.
  5. Humanization of virtual space and its connection with the world of reality through web design.
  6. Web design as a means that determines and develops commercial, communicative, social and cultural potential of virtual space.
  7. The role of web design in humanization of the contemporary virtual space.
  8. Determination of commercial, communicative, social and cultural potential of web design.
  9. Reflection of informational, communicative and entertaining character of web design in the process of interaction with Internet users.
  10. Manipulations with users’ senses as a base of an interaction model of communication with users created by web design.
  11. The place of web design in the virtual space of modern culture and web-space as its part.
  12. Social and cultural analysis of the influence web design causes on the way a modern person sees the virtual space.
  13. Mechanisms that allow web design function as an instrument of transformation of people’s perception of virtual space.
  14. Stages of development and formation of the today’s web design.
  15. How web design allows users of the Internet percepts the illusion virtual space as a part of reality.

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