5 productive criminal justice thesis topics

Criminal justice help students examine laws, ethics, and responsibilities associated with helping citizens stay safe. This includes studying different crimes, how they affect victims, and laws in place to bring perpetrators to justice. There are various efforts ongoing in this field that raise awareness of ongoing problems around the world. Crimes that affect children and adults have levels of complexity that make finding viable solutions extremely difficult. The following topics may help inspire you to come up with something of interest to research in the criminal justice field.

  1. Other solutions for incarceration. What are situations it may not be necessary to place someone under arrest? Why should other avenues be explored for incarceration? Should offenders be able to decide what their punishment should be if their offense was minor (small)? How much money would be saved by the government if solutions were developed to help keep people out of jail (especially repeat offenders)? What happens when incarceration is not enough to help an offender do better in society?

  2. Conducting background checks. Does this process open up the possibility of identity theft? What information should authorities not be allowed to access? How does conducting them help employers select employees? Does conducting them increase chances of being discriminated?

  3. Cybercrimes. What is being done for cybercrime prevention? What are types of cybercrimes people may not be aware of? How much time can be served in jail or prison for cybercrimes committed? What was the first cybercrime committed? Are they being committed more by adults or teens? How are such crimes detected by law enforcement?

  4. Child abuse. What is most common child abuse crimes committed? What has been done to help reduce them? Why do some parents still get to keep custody of their children when things have gone wrong in the household? What measures must be in place for children to be removed from the home? How does law enforcement handle cases that include getting information from children when an adult commits a crime they claim they didn’t do against the child?

  5. Crime prevention. Is enough being done by the government to encourage safer neighborhoods? What crime prevention measures have been shown to be effective? How much does it cost a country or city to enforce crime prevention standards annually? What are ways to encourage more communities to get involved in saving their streets?

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